Top 10 Problems With the Joker Nobody Wants to Admit

Top 10 Problems With the Joker Nobody Wants to Admit
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The Joker is one of the greatest villains of all time, not just in comics but in all of storytelling, but that doesn’t mean he’s perfect. These are some of the problems with the concept and character of the Joker that hardcore fans don’t want to admit.

Why Joaquin Phoenix Is Meant To Be The Joker:

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List Entries and Rank:
10: He Was Only Meant to Be in One Issue
9: Gaggy Gagsworthy
8: Solo Joker Comics Don’t Sell
7: He’s Not Crazy
6: ‘Harley & Joker’ Is Toxic
5: He’s Not Funny
4: Batman’s Greatest Enemy?
3, 2 & 1: ???

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  1. # 5 he’s not funny he acts funny but he’s just evil and sinister. I would take that off. He’s also a FAILED comedian. That is just dumb. Number 4 is explained by number 3 idiot. You’re talking about “oh he’s to easy to defeat. He is always coming back.” You but number 3 you talk about the joker having “super powers and super sanity” causing him to bounce back up from things that should’ve stopped him

  2. This list insulted me. You failed to pander to the comic crowd for watch views, and ended up just exhibiting the lack of actual time spent researching your source material in addition to really making your unilateral contempt for the subject material apparent. Gross. Unsubbed.

  3. 10. I'm not even gonna verbally attack this. I'm just gonna stare sternly at you until you realize what a stupid statement it is and move on. Plus, I'm pretty sure you could say this about any character that ended up becoming popular. Just look at Detective Comics 1-26.

    9. That era you're talking about is an era when all comics were being closely scrutinized by the government thanks to people thinking they were to blame for children being bad.

    8. He's a villain, not a hero. Would you expect a comic focused only on The Riddler to sell well?

    7. No one (legitimate) ever said he (actually) was. In fact, he's on record in quite a few comics as saying that he doesn't know his own history, and in one storyline by Geoff Johns he's revealed to actually be three people (which also answers your complaint at number 1).

    6. Something we all know that has also been covered in the comics. Besides, there's plenty of people — REAL people — in actual toxic relationships that mirror this, which is kind of the point.

    5. He's not meant to be funny as we understand it, especially in light of that three-people revelation

    4. You seem to be confusing the terms 'greatest' and 'strongest'. It's okay, happens all the time.

    3. That was Neil Gaiman in Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on A Serious Earth who cited him as having a super sanity. HE'S the writer who said that. And are you actually complaining about him not having superpowers? Or maybe it's that he's got better endurance than most. You don't see people complaining about Wolverine surviving all he does.

    2. So what's your complaint here, that he's had a lot of influence on pop culture? That's our fault, not his.

    1. This was covered by the Mobius Chair/Metron storyline, where Batman found out there are actually three jokers, not one — the one who uses devices, the mobster/mob boss, and the psychopath

  4. This is how I know this wasn’t made by comic book fans because almost everything the joker does is a joke. Because the funny thing how we as reader can be entertained and even laugh at all the terrible things done by basically a really entertaining killer

  5. Sorry to say it but sounds like you guys don't really have a good grasp on the Joker. 5/10 of your points are correct. #'s 10, 9, 7, 6, and 3
    The joker is meant to be a joke and mockery of society not actually funny. And the comic, Joker, is highly reguarded (Joker by Brian Azzarello) sure in the past he didnt sell well but in the last 10 years since the dark knight it seems there has been a shift. While he has not broken Batman like Bane he torments Batman on other levels. He killed Robin (jason todd) and paralyzed batgirl just before assaulting her and leaving her to die plus one of the few people to have attacked the whole bat family in the bat cave. He really isnt meant to look too scary that is what makes him terrifying. He looks harmless enough but might try to kill simply because it is the second Tuesday of the month or because his victim brushed their teeth that morning. And most importantly it was revealed a few years ago with rebirth that there are 3 jokers not one. Explaining some of the inconsistencies in his stories.

  6. I agree the Joker is awesome but he has been overused now. Thanks to DCEU by horrid casting of Jared Leto. I hope Joaquin phoenix version helps redeem the character.There alot of batma bad guys that hasn't had their shot on screen Clayface,Mad hatter,Man Bat Dr.Hugo Strange,Would like to see a redeem Mr.Freeze and Riddler.

  7. In my opinion the joker used to be a good Batman villain but he’s been overused we don’t give other villains a chance like the ventriloquist & Scarface and blockbuster too many games, movies and comics the jokers been in

  8. Wow, this entire list is shit.
    10. If a character originally was supposed to only appear once, but was so good they brought him back, wouldn't that be a good thing?
    9. Ok? He had a sidekick before Harley! So what?
    8. That's because the Joker can't work as a protagonist. He was made to be, and only works as, a antagonist.
    7. He's in Arkham because diagnosis of the Joker vary, so they don't even know what's wrong with him.
    6. It's not the writers's faults that people don't get the obvious message behind their relationship.
    5. The Joker doesn't need to be funny, he just needs to think he is. We wouldn't take him as seriously if we actually laughed at him while he's killing people.
    4. This is incredibly stupid. Yes he's been captured nore times but because he directly tries to fight Batman all the time. Other villains aren't so focused on Batman. Also, Bane broke Batman's back, but who killed Jason Todd? Who turned Tim Drake into the Joker? Who paralyzed Barbara Gordon? Who made the entire Bat Family think they had their faces cut off? Who killed Talia al Ghul (in the Arkham Games)? Who killed Batman's parents (in the 1989 movie)? The Joker. He's emotionally and physically scarred the Bat Family more than anyone else.
    3. Wow, he can, like everyone in any action and superhero media, survive things that would normally kill him? Who cares. By the way, Super Sanity is a (maybe canon) explanation of why The Joker is "insane". He realised he is a fictional character, and he became the main antagonist to survive, the writers surely won't permanently kill off the main villain who is incredibly popular.
    2. Scary clowns are a cliche now, but The Joker helped make it a cliche. I'm not gonna blame him if he falls into a cliche that's only a cliche because people copied him.
    Also tge only other fictional scary clowns I can think of are Pennywise and that one on the PlayStation with the flaming head that I can't remember the name of.
    1. It's almost as if there are different writers in different eras giving their own interpretation on a character who isn't the same in every form of media.

  9. Anybody not admitting these are what's called "Casual fans." That last entry is proof however that WM is also very casual in fanhood, because nobody ever said he was consistent. He's a bad guy, inconsistent is in the rear view mirror.


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