Top 10 Most Devastating Fires in History

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CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! Some of the worst natural disasters in recorded history have been fires – wildfires, bushfires, forest fires, building fires, etc. Destructive fires like the 2007 California Wildfires, the Great Fire of Rome or the Fort McMurray Wildfire have proved to be some of the biggest fires ever. WatchMojo counts down ten of the most famous in history.

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00:38 #10: 2007 California Wildfires – Fall 2007
01:29 #9: Great Chicago Fire – October 1871
02:12 #8: 2016 Fort McMurray Wildfire – May 2016
03:05 #7: Great Hinckley Fire – September 1894
03:49 #6: Black Saturday Bushfires – February 2009
04:33 #5: Great Fire of 1910 – August 1910
05:15 #4: Great Fire of London – September 1666
06:03 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. come on, change the name of the video it shoud be "Top 10 Most Devastating Fires in American History (with few exception)"

  2. Fort McMurray fire ended up costing $9.5+ BILLION so it should be much higher up your list than number 8 !!!! Also the total area burned is not even close to what you are claiming in this video. To this date present that fire IS STILL BURNING UNDER GROUND. SO YOU CAN SAY THAT THE FORT MCMURRAY WILDFIRE IS THE MOST DANGEROUS CRAZIEST WILDIEST FIRE EVER IN WORLD HISTORY!!!!

  3. the truth about the Great fire of London is that several hundred or even several THOUSAND people died in the blaze, while totally negating the fact that the Black Death was rampant in those days…

  4. A wave of patriotism came over me and I was about to get really angry if the 1666 Great Fire of London didn't come up. Fuck that baker.

  5. What about the "Night of the Black Snow" in Tokyo, 1945? Sure, it was caused by an air-raid. But the winds and the many wooden houses created a firestorm, which was the main cause for the at least 75,000 people that died then.

  6. I remember the 2007 CA fires. I was lucky enough that I didn't have to evacuate because the wind made a sudden shift and blew it in a different direction. It actually went around my area.

  7. Why isn't the Rikugun Honjo Hifukusho fire #1?

    35,000 people were incinerated within minutes back in 1923, when they were looking for shelter after an earthquake and a fire tornado engulfed the area they were in.

    35,000 victims.

  8. I was living in Victoria during The Black Saturday Fires. I had a friend who's house nearly burnt down. Terrifying

  9. Wenatchee Wildfire- so bad that Australia sent firemen to Washington, and funds were running low.
    (before watching)

  10. How come I knew the Fort McMurray fires was going to be on here. That was scary I thought we were going to lose our home but we were lucky but it still haunts me plus so many trees are burned that there are very few trees that is growing leaves but at least everyone serviced

  11. I remember when the Oakland hills caught fire in 1990, that shit was scary. The whole treeline and hillside was ablaze..


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