Top 10 Celebrities Who Scandalously Dated Teenagers

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They say you can’t choose who you love, and these celebrities chose partners that were much younger in age than them. The famous cases of Elvis Presley marrying Priscilla Wagner and Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his 13-year-old cousin come to mind due to the controversy they stirred. However, more recent instances regarding the late Paul Walker, Henry Cavill, Aaron Taylor Johnson and many more are sure to surprise you on this list!

00:40 #10. Doug Hutchison (50) & Courtney Stodden (16)
01:28 #9. Henry Cavill (32) & Tara King (19)
02:11 #8. Paul Walker (33) & Jasmine PilchardGosnell (16)
02:51 #7. R. Kelly (27) & Aaliyah (15)
03:45 #6. Jerry Seinfeld (38) & Shoshanna Lonstein (17)
04:31 #5. Sonny Bono (27) & Cher (16)
05:20 #4. Sam TaylorJohnson (42) & Aaron TaylorJohnson (18)
06:13 #3, #2. & #1. ???

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  1. Under 20?? Come on!! Under 18, since when dating a 20-year-old is a big deal?? And since when someone's who's 20 is a teenager??

  2. If they met when the "teen" was 18 y/o, then it doesn't count. Now if they knew them before they were 18, then it's a good chance the older person fucked around with them while they were still a minor.

  3. All of you act like "dating or sleeping with adolescents is a bad thing!"
    But as long as there's a thing called "Age of Consent laws" exist in any country, any human being can obey it and never complain about it. If anyone sexually involved with a person below the age of consent, will be sent to prison for several years…

  4. #1 Woody Allen? I don't know. 1:32-She's legal. I'm cool with it. 7:05-Whao whoa whoa!!! She was 13 man!!!! Come on!!! And weren't ya'll, more importantly, related. 7:19-Yeah, thought so. Yeah, you nasty! 8:25-Okay then.

  5. Funny how people are asking what does x have in common with a 16 yr old. You're overthinking it. Think of it this way, the box is brand new!

  6. I started dating my now-hubby when he was 16. I just so happened to be 21 at the time. If there are true fedlings involved, no one taking advantage of the other, it can work. It did for us! 2 kids and almost 16 years later, we're rockin' it!


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