The Motel Kicked Him Out for Being Homeless.

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  1. Words cannot begin to describe how much influence your support has over this project. Thank you so much for being with us every single day. šŸ˜€

  2. Kimo carrying a knife ain't gonna help in a situation where there are guns involved. Especially when he was in Compton. This nigga gunna get laughed at by a guy with a gun which will then greatly lead to the possibility of his ass being capped!

  3. what i love about dani and kimo is that they are not afraid to go and show the deep america that no one really see !! that's perfect!!!

  4. bruh anthony saying "he knew they were gonna do him like that" shit why you talking shit at least they helped you out. you don't even wanna change. so why pretend you want change

  5. #teambuterrfly you are doing a huge work and i want to say keep it up, im in san diego was homeless due to could not work and then got a place and just lost to do to some of my mentle disorders would love to just meet up and talk, not asking for help with $ but just advice help,


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