So I’ve been to tonnssss of Pride events in the past, but I honestly I can’t believe this was my FIRST EVER LA Pride… and the fact that I was hosting the main stage made it SO much more fierce. I got to introduce so many amazing artists, jam backstage and hang out with everyone in the audience who came out to support! HIIIIII to the people I met and took pics with, you guys made my night! Also shout out to all the allies who were there too!

SIDENOTE: When I saw that Erika Jayne was performing on Sunday night and that I would be able to introduce her on stage I was GAGGGIGNNNNNGGG. But OBVI with my luck I had to dip out early because I was lucky enough to be invited by Katy Perry to watch my film “This Is Everything” with her at her house for her livestream (who watched and what did you think?!) I still can’t believe it was recording 24/7 on her… I doubt I’d be able to do that LOL. But it is now officially on my bucket list to introduce Erika Jayne for a performance since I couldn’t hahahaha… but seriously.

THANK YOU Revlon for sponsoring today’s video and sending me all of these fab products! All opinions are my own, obvi!Hope you guys enjoy this video!


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