Mini Lemon & Coconut Cake.

Hello marzipans! Today I bake a tiny lemon and coconut cake.
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Here is the original recipe:

Note that I didn’t use all the mixture but less than half. With these measurements you are able to make a full cake.
I also have to avoid regular sugar, which is why I opted for coconut sugar and decided to match it with coconut flour.

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  1. it was a cute video n I was like oh yeah cute whatever then I saw Maya VICIOUSLY licking pewds finger and immediately gave this video a like

  2. haven't watched the video yet but I love your sense of fashion. It's like you can choose to be a new character everytime and it never gets boring

  3. I was waiting for the taste test at the end, haha. It's always nice to see how chill Felix is irl. And Maya was so funny, our dogs are like this also when there's food involved, lol

  4. OMG Felix and Marzia use one of those old multi remotes with the display on top. (my attention to small details is scaring me)


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