Marzia makes popcorn.

Hello marzipans! Today’s video is a bit silly, but I enjoyed filming it. On a serious note, I wanna know if you guys already knew how to actually make popcorn or not (microwave packet doesn’t count)! 😛

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  1. I haven't seen the video yet, but I've saved it for later to watch cause I'm at work. But I love your thumbnail. You look so adorable. Felix is one lucky dude

  2. alright guys. i'm gonna be dumb if i am wrong. i am not the biggest fan of pewdiepie and marzia and i'm wondering if they are still together? plz no one roast me

  3. I have to be honest. I am not here for the popcorn. Everyone knows how to do popcorn.
    I was like, oh, a video from Marzia; How you doing!?

    …she is fine!

  4. Such a short video, but so many good moments, from being angry at Maya, to the awkward popcorn dance, your simplicity is freakin awesome.

  5. I've never made popping corn like that but have always wanted to! I imagne it'd be better than microwave (especially cause I always burn microwave corn). ;P

  6. i love this because eating popcorn vegan i thought it would be hard! so thanks for this video lol its mainly vegan. P.S. have you ever thought of going vegan? its super easy & supports animals, your health AND the environment <3 i can totally see someone like you bringing out your compassion <3 it also allows you to explore new fun recipes <3


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