KIM KARDASHIAN X KYLIE JENNER | First Impressions +Lip Swatches

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*To be honest i’m not sure if this launched as a full collection or individuals or both! But I am sure they will be bringing it back soon 🙂 Will update you when I hear any new info! XO


Hi my loves!! Today I am trying out the new KKW x KYLIE COSMETICS collaboration!! I swatched them for you on snapchat when I first received them 2 weeks (or so) ago. I really really love the formula for these! The first two were definitely my favorite but I know I would wear all of them again. What do you guys think? Did you pick this collab up? I am not sure if they were sold as singles – so if so you know my personal favorites 😉 If not then honestly I would say go for it. You can never go wrong with nude shades! They are for sure my favorite tones to wear on a daily basis. I hope this video was helpful for anyone interested in buying these. I will keep you posted on the restock in the video description! XOXO Carli

Seen on Me:
Gray bodysuit (as CUTE as it looks in this video – the wire in the top is so messed up that I could never wear this shirt out publicly 🙁 I also had to tie the top with a rubber band to keep it up right. So although it looks pretty – I would never want to say go buy it and you end up as unhappy as I was!! XO) It is from Missguided


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  1. is it just me but is carli a bit different in this video? kinda awkward, i know she didn't say anything negative but i feel like she was trying really hard not to so if kim and kylie watch her video they wouldn't be upset.

    also, they all look the same and can't believe kim named them all after her lol, should've named one after herself and the rest after her kids and her hubby.

    north , nori
    kanye , yeezy
    lol lawdness so self centered

  2. I appreciate your honesty when you do reviews. You do it in such a classy manner without putting anyone down. You'll always be my #1 ❤️❤️❤️

  3. OMG am i the only one who had to look at the thumbnail twice… She looks like a the jenner/kardashian sister

  4. I continue to learn more from you with each vid! You're my number one go-to youtuber and you've inspired me immensely throughout the years and actually motivated me to start my own channel so I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and let you know that you deserve all the wonderful things that you've accomplished <3

  5. I see you mentioned color pop as the same Cream matte formula… but , can it also be comparable to the NYX soft matte lip creams?

  6. I really like this kit. if I was not trying g to save money I would buy. or if this was gifted to me I would totally wear this all the time.

  7. these are all way to similar they look nice but I feel like she could of changed up the color choices you can barley see the difference from all of them

  8. I love the color of your walls! What paint color is it? I'm trying to find a paint color for my room and its perfect!

  9. Excited to get my order of these!

    Love that top/body suit. Glad you left an honest opinion about it in your description haha.

  10. I really enjoy all your videos including this one. Have you reviwed any of the Cargo line? Or, on the low priced side, Elf products? Thanks Carli!

  11. why is she so perfect? its unfair 🙁 brett is so lucky 🙁 shes gorgeous and her personality is so nice too. wahhh i wish i was like her.

  12. I'm new here on youtube. if anyone has any advice for me that would awesome and ill subscribe back to anyone who subscribe to my channel. its mostly about beauty, fashion, hello kitty and sailor moon lol


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