How I EDIT my videos.

Hello marzipans! I was editing a video, when I suddenly stopped and decided to show you how I do it. Hope this is helpful to some of you!

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  1. You should teach Brad and Sive hoe to adjust microphone input levels for the poodipie channel. Felix's video for today is almost muted! lol

  2. I'm depressed now that I know Marzia uses FireAlpaca.. atleast use the companies other program, MediBang Paint Pro, which has the same features but doesn't have horrible settings and can actually track your pen/mouse..

  3. Oh my goodness thank you so so so much for this Marzia!! I've been thinking about starting a Youtube channel for a while now, and the way in which you edit your videos has always inspired me, and I've always thought that if I were ever to start a channel, I would definitely want my videos to be edited as beautifully as yours, (since you're my favorite Youtuber and all :),) because seriously they're always so pretty and so aesthetic and your videos are my goals!! So thank you for this it's so helpful!! I think that I will take this as a sign from the universe to actually start a channel 🙂


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