These weight loss tricks & tips I ACTUALLY use and I lost 11 lbs with recently 🙂 I hope it works for you honeys as well! Leave your tips & tricks below in the comments! Say hi to me on Instagram: @AndreasChoice


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  1. One thing that works for me to help maintain my weight without being 100% committed to the gym, is deep cleaning the house routinely. Doing chores especially if you are being really thorough. burns a lot more calories than you realize. And for some reason cleaning doesn't make me feel like I'm actually working out, and the immediate reward is a clean home!

  2. Andrea you are truly an inspiration for everyone, I love all your videos and this one is great Thank you for uploading ❤️

  3. also if u like dancing no matter the type of dance (even twerk people even twerk) what can help u lose weight is just creating a playlist – about 40 minutes – with songs u like and u can dance to and dance to it once or maybe twice a day…it really helps

  4. I literally just went done 3kg in 4 days! WithOut even working out! Now I going to get down Way faster thanks to your video❤️u

  5. I like to put on something tight like leggings and this reminds me to take care of my body bc leggings make your body look good.

  6. If you want to lose weight quickly and yes quickly google "bacon diet" or cut carbs out 100% I lost 25 pounds my first month of being 100% carb free and no it wasn't easy at all.

  7. actually instead of substituting pasta with zucchini pasta, substitute it with whole grain pasta. it has carbs which your body needs :))


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