8 Pets You Should Never Release In The Wild Or This Will Happen

Ever wondered how to get rid of your pet? So you’re moving into a new home and you don’t have room for Fluffy, Fido, Lenny, or whatever other cute name you’ve given to your special animal. Sure, they’re more than a pet, they’re family. But since pets don’t really ever learn to live independently in the human world, you decide to release them into the wild. You’ve taken care of them through thick and thin but now the time has come for you to let go of your special animal and you figure, hey, since it came from the wild, it can be released back into the wild, right? WRONG!

Sure, some animals never really become your best friend like a cat or a dog, but that doesn’t mean they can be dumped into your nearest pond or tossed into your closest woods. Pets come in all sorts of exotic shapes and sizes, and they originate from many unique places. Entire habitats could be upturned, irrevocably changed, or ravenously destroyed because you figure you can’t take care of your pet python. Think about that before your next purchase at the pet store. And then read on to learn more about these eight types of animals that you should never release into the wild.

Whether it’s their mating habits or their eating habits, we here at TheRichest will give you all the things to consider before you drop off your precious rabbit, goldfish, ferret, toad, mouse, snake, starling, or parrot at the edge of the forest. If you care about the fellow animals in your nearby habitat, you’ll heed these words. And if you want to see to it that humans cause even less environmental damage than they’ve caused already, you’ll tell your friends, share this video and subscribe to TheRichest for more helpful content like this.

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  1. We recieved a backup call from our Animal Control guys who had found a live 6ft long type of python. Some dick had released. It took 4 animal control guys, 5 cops, and a neighbor to get it out. We ended up using OC (pepper) spray to get him to move back towards and opening we made, then used batons to pull him out. He now lives in a pet store that has a big enough cage for him. We still go visit him. I've been a cop for 5ish years, and that's still one of my favorite calls I've ever been dispatched to.


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