Hey friends 🙂 sorry about beginning audio! I hope you enjoyed these DIY transformations as much as I loved making them! My IG: @Andreaschoice



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  1. the beyonce quote: where do you go when you go quiet? fits perfectly here. like really andrea, where have you been???????? you are totally off from all socials. in the past you used to be at least active, first on twitter and then on insta. do you have an income besides youtube? would so love to know more about you. 🙂

  2. AndreasChoice I have been following you for a long time and truly LOVE your videos. You have hair like me, you have a fun uplifting energy and I look forward to your videos so much for tips. Can you please explain why you only post once every three months? I think I can say as a loyal follower of your instagram too, you have a habit of going for long periods of time without ever offering your supporters an explanation. I realize you are entitled to your privacy and have a life, but would you mind at least addressing this practice? Most youtubers as successful as you post at least biweekly and alway explain whats been going on in life to keep them busy. Whether its new business deals or school or children or illness, they always let their supporters know. We have no idea if your working on your PHD or are doing some new interesting project. For example, Desi Perkins has 3 million followers and she posts multiple videos a month, plus she has written me back four times last year to show appreciation. I know in this video you apologize for your lack of videos and quickly say the other two weren't good. Please explain or at least make posting monthly vlogs a new year's resolution. To be gone from youtube for three months only to arrive in the new year with a 7 minute video feels likes like your heart isn't really in it.


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