10 Surprising Confessions from McDonald’s Employees

top 10 facts you didn’t know about fast food chain mcdonald’s
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  1. My aunt used to work there. She said that shipments of onions would come in giant bags of dehydrated onions. They had all had the moisture sucked out of them to make them weigh less for shipping. The employees were instructed to soak them in water to bring them back to their normal state. When there were rude customers, they would stuff their mouths full of dehydrated onions and let them soak up their saliva. Then they would spit them out onto a burger and serve it.

  2. you can't put the salted fries back in the fryer bc we can't get any salt in there, i'm only commenting this bc i work there also there's no way you can fuck unless you're in the break room bc everywhere else has cameras (i haven't tried and i wouldn't want to)


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