10 Photos That Can’t Be Unseen!

top 10 pictures you need to look at twice
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  1. I can't see this one girl in 7th grade naked because we went to this "camp" as a "field trip" and stayed for a week their and she was getting ready to shower, and she just undressed literally letting all the girls see her body! I'm scarred for life!

  2. Pugs are in constant pain. Humans did it to them. Their face is so flat (even though it looks adorable), and this flat face causes breathing problems in pugs. This is caused by the people who originally breeded pugs. These people couldn't find dogs from other families that shared the traits that they wanted. So they inbred them. This inbreeding is another cause for health issues. I think people can fix this issue by simply breeding pugs with other dog breeds.

  3. When I was 6 years old my teacher who was around 60 leaned over and she wore a loose top and I could pretty much see everything almost little did I know that would happen everytime she came to help…


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