10 Mind-Blowing Photos Taken At Perfect Time

top 10 amazing pictures taken at the Right Moment
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A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes they are worth even more than that. Photographers strive to get the perfect shot – in fact they can spend their entire careers in search of it. Trying to find that ideal angle, the perfect lightning, the best focus, the most intriguing subjects and most of all the most amazing timing. Afterall, in a world where everyone is walking around with a smartphone, what can be considered new and exciting? Sometimes a good photographer can take the mundane and give it a new spin into something brilliant. Other times they are simply in the right place at the right time. However they manage it, they produce some of the most stunning works of art imaginable.

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  1. The perfect photo is primarily about timing: "The Decisive Moment". I have two all-time favourite shots,.. they are: The famous shot of the sailor kissing the dental assistant in Times Square at the end of WWII, taken by Alfred Eisenstaedt and the shot by Robert Doisneau, known (in English) as Kiss By The Hotel De Ville.

    Two absolutely fabulous shots, each taken at the perfect moment.

  2. The most perfectly timed photos iv seen is people respect our brace men and women of law enforcement/ armed forces
    Insta @huntergonsoulin_

  3. The best photo I saw was on one of ur previous videos when there was a middle about to hit a ton of people in the middle east it was insane looking

  4. I took a picture of both Big Ben and Stonehenge from a tour bus. This was in the day before digital photography and the camera I was using had a feature where you had to hold down the shutter button down part way to activate the auto-focus feature and then push it down all the way to take the photo. On two separate trips, One to Big Ben and one to Stonehenge, As we were driving down the street, our tour guide informed us that both Big Ben and Stonehenge were coming up on my side of the bus and I knew that I had to get my camera ready ahead of time to get the auto-focus function ready. When I got home and got the pictures developed I discovered that my pictures were so good that they could've been post cards

  5. the best photo i have ever seen is while i was at my friends house my brother sent me a photo he took where one of my dogs was mid thrust on the other

  6. Donald trump sneezing wile getting on a jet and the snot goes on the pilot when the pilot is outside the plane to greet the president.

  7. the most amazing picture i got on the perfect moment was catching a lightning storm while im a plane but its was horrifying

  8. I saw one of a fish jumping into a birds mouth. The picture is great because you can see the fish half way in the beak of the bird.


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