WHY WON’T YOU DIE?! | Resident Evil 2 – Part 3

This guy is Resident Evil 2 is just so damn PERSISTENT!

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  1. I wish Ada had kissed Leon later. If she had waited to do it later like the original (I know, but here me out) it would've been more impactful because the writing here actually makes me buy them having feelings for each other (at least to some extent). I don't think that the two making out after Ada was left in the trash bin for about an hour suddenly changed her perspective on Leon. It would've helped, but if they waited until later it would've been more satisfying. Still miles better than the original where it comes out of nowhere. Either that or she's doing that to manipulate Leon, as we know from later on that Ada's in no fucking way an FBI agent.

  2. Missed one of those raccoon bobble heads in the shooting range. unless you got it off camera.
    Nice Captain Jack Sparrow impersonation on the first use of the Flamethrower.


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