Subnautica | Part 58 | WHAT DID THE ALIENS KNOW?

We find the Alien Thermal Generator and with it comes some really impressive knowledge! Stuff that’s gonna let us SURVIVE!!
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  1. I think you missed one of the terminals, there were two in the energy area and the one above, maybe I'm wrong but it looked like you collected two down there but only read one (and then you went above to get the third one and read it).

  2. now we see the ancient sea dragon he is now doing a mating ritual best not to be under it or you be drench if you know what I mean

  3. 'Prawn suit explodes' "that wasn't my fault, i was trying to get on a ledge"

    Had full capability to use repair tool long before this was a serious problem

  4. Wait so if the aliens wouldn't let anything come and go from the planet then the aliens wouldn't have left either. So where are the corpses, or at least the skeletal remains of them? They have to be somewhere if not in the sediment.

  5. Mark, other than having ur prawn suit obliterated, how's ur day??
    I hope it's good

    I have also heard, ahem, that u have lockers that u put people's names on… may I request having my name on these so called lockers??


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