Oxygen Not Included | Part 11 | NEVER GIVE UP!!

It’s time to start fresh! A NEW BEGINNING FOR MY FAMILY!!
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  1. You didn't realize you were playing for 1.5 hours… I thought this video was short yet it's 22 minutes… this game is awesome!!

  2. I was looking at my grades and I got a bad grade and mark sad you fucked yourself, Gabrielle. I was like HOW DID YOU KNOW AND YOU KNOW MY NAME XD

  3. "Coordination, Planning, I know what I'm doing now"
    "So anyway, I am going to put this compost heap right next to the toilet in this open area next to the portal"
    Goddammit Mark…

  4. I haven't played the game, but im pretty sure you coulda rejected those three destructive duplicates… then maybe another set would have come after a few minutes? idk. shoulda tried it.

  5. mark you silly duck, dont get ANY destructive clones. You will always have to deal with their destruction. Its just not worth it.

  6. I think in the future, a triple airlock with an air scrubber in the part closer to base would prevent the most contamination. Or just an air scrubber by the outside of the double airlock


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