Johnny Depp CANNOT Grow a Beard! | The Graham Norton Show

And Sir Kenneth Branagh shares how much of a pain it was to work with “bloody amatuers”
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  1. I've never found Depp attractive, maybe that's part of why. I like a man who can grow a nice beard, whether he does it or not. He has that Leo rising, which is generally not thing (big head, big ego, I don't love the way Leo looks)

  2. Says a lot about Hollywood that you can be recorded abusing your wife & still be a Hollywood legend. I used to love JD, but the fact he didn’t even admit, apologise & get help means graham norton having him as a guest is basically saying his behaviour is okay.

  3. I used to love Johnny Depp and still intrigued, but am not really impressed with the direction of his looks or his life, he just looks dirty and seedy.


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