Chris Pratt’s DIRTY English Accent! | The Graham Norton Show

Chris Pratt does his infamous British accent, again!

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  1. You know being a musician I am always skint and stuck in on a Friday and I feel the need to say of all the TV out there Graham you have a way of making a lonely soul in a dark room at home feel apart of the show and what a quality that is. I always have you on as it feels like friends are around and it just has a great vibe unlike any other show and weirdly takes away that feeling of actually being alone. Not afraid to say it, not the coolest thing to say either but I am my own guy and I don't care, I always hoped to tell you this one day as I have been on BBC radio 2 before with my music, I hope I did'nt ever miss you play my songs and I may even catch you in March when I release my next single. I'm not just plugging here either, Jools Holland has played me before and I'm friends with Janice Long who was there. I just want to say if you ever think about calling it a day. Don't, you have a gift and are appreciated by many people that usually don't have the balls to say. I am a fan, and a moody soul but you never fail in making me smile on Friday night. Sincerley…Chris Grant.


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