Anthony Joshua Didn’t Plan On Becoming A Professional Boxer | The Graham Norton Show

Graham knew about the football!

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  1. Noomi is pretty sharp, for someone who doesn't speak English as a first language she was picking up on even the littlest things mentioned throughout the show and tying it in to conversation. In other news she's my future wife.

  2. We all know fury won against wilder and it should be Aj and fury on April 13th fighting for all five belts instead we have wilder taking his time in making any effort to fight either

  3. I love how AJ has zero ego on him, he knows he’s awesome and yet he doesn’t show off with it……shame most boxers don’t have that. I get that you need self confidence and belief but I believe you can have that come across in better ways.

    In short AJ makes me want to watch boxing


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