Proof Batman Kills, A LOT! | The SCIENCE!… of Batman

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BATMAN is Austin’s Favorite childhood Hero, but he is also the WORST SUPERHERO OF ALL TIME! His interactions with Gotham criminals are insanely violent–especially in the Arkham Asylum series. The implications of this and what it means for Batman’s extralegal status are TERRIFYING! In this episode, Austin explains the Science behind Batman’s lethal battle tactics!

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  1. Austin, thine assertion is like that of an empty plot of land:completely unfounded–
    Batman is not a murderer be, you three-ish fool!

  2. though if we use real science they died. but they are fine in the game and game scince is not like real science I mean look at assassins creed. but if you look at there vitals teary are still alive and that's what really matters

  3. after hours of being upside the pressure can damage vision and crush ur lungs and more blood goes to ur heart faster than it can pump out causing heart failure insert the more u know mene here

  4. if you watched BvS, you saw him commit, according to Zach Schneider's interview on the subject, second degree manslaughter. NOT MURDER SIR. It isn't murder, it's simple manslaughter gentle reader. I think Schneider knows what he is talking about.

  5. disclaimer: serious content not for everyone

    this is the same reason slitting wrists can kill fairly quickly. your brain. feels pain and starts thinking that your arm is severed. panic/shock occurs, heart rate skyrockets, and your heart just keeps pouring blood to the arms and that blood quickly flows out and after a little while consciousness is lost and if nothing is done, death follows. its just a fact I know this is a touchy subject

  6. Kind of a moral crisis that makes his stories real interesting(about his no killing relating to the Joker) if you do kill him then you proved him right and become just like him and essentially give up on Humanity but if you don't then countless other lives will be destroyed as a unrelenting cycle continues. Also idea that he creates the extreme villain he faces because of his extreme stance on crime crime has Rosen into a standard he created


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