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POKEMON are ultra-powerful, ultra-cute, and ultra-… abused? In this episode Austin addresses the science behind how Pokeballs work, and more importantly how these tiny devices are the key behind why Pokemon are so willing to fight for their trainers. Just what happens inside those Pokeballs? The answers are down right TERRIFYING!

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  1. …actually wild pokemon battle you because they want you to prove that you are worthy to have them …so the whole theory is just a joke knowing this fact

  2. Ok so a few things we know about pokemon and pokeballs from the lore, cannon whatever you want to call it.

    1: The Holder of the ball has suggestive command over the linked pokemon. This isn't complete control as in the games Higher level pokemon can and often do ignore the trainers commands (there is a game mechanic from gym badges that limits or prevents this seemingly as a gate to stop people from rolling non-scaling gym battles (anime also had this with Ash's Charizard)) and slacking is a good example of a caught pokemon who's nature overpowers the suggestive influence of the balls.

    2: There are sensors and other electronics inside the balls that give information such as the temperament, food preference, size, weight, and known attacks. if these electronics are damaged then the capture(game) and return (anime) features of the balls cease to function.

    3: just like the type effectiveness of the attacks most of the oddball pokeball variants are less scientific and more theme.
    why would a Net ball be modified to only effect water and bug pokemon if not just for theme, how does a heavy ball work better against only heavy pokemon, how would a lure ball know if the fish pokemon I threw it at was fished up or I swam into it?

    Now I'm not 100% on the lore reason why you need to weaken a pokemon, I feel like its to do with stopping said pokemon from breaking the ball, but unless the capture process needs the pokemon to be 'conscious' to some degree and sleep status being more like a full body paralysis, I really cannot think of a lore argument for why you can't just knock a pokemon out and then capture them.
    Either way its explained in the Pokemon story that battling, with or without a trainer, is the only way for pokemon to get stronger and they have an survival instinct to get stronger as most species have more powerful evolutionary forms.

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  4. your wrong Pokemon trainers don't control Pokemon because EP 1 of Pokemon Pikachu didn't listen to Ash untill he trusted him

  5. the only videos i actually watch on "The Game Theorists" are game theory itself and THE SCIENCE!…<insert title here>

  6. Soooo if I encounter a Dugtrio or Diglett and I can't escape,does that mean they want to get hurt or die? Because if I can't escape all I can do is to make them faint or catch them, right?

  7. @Austin Theres one BIG hole in your theory.:
    When MewTwo (from the 1st movie) captures nearly ALL the trainers own pokemon in pokeballs, they don' t realign by siding with Mewtwo. Instead, after they are freed, they help their trainers and attack the clone versions of themselves.

    2nd hole is Pikachu that travels with Ash. He never goes into the pokeball and dislikes ash at the start. IT took Ash taking a beating from Spearows while protecting Pikachu to gain some solid trust.

    3rd this theory does not explained traded pokemon that stop listening to the trainer if they are not have the req badges.

    4th. Ashes Charmander. After it evolved into a Charmeleon, it stop listening to ash or only halfed listened to ash. Got worse when it became a charzard. Even when Ash had all the badges that SHOULD give him control (if you modified your theory to traded pokemon). Charzard cared not and screwed over ash chances in his first attempt at the pokemon league.

    5. Pokeballs that capture right away shoots some good size holes in your Stockholm theory definition. And that leads to the next one:

    6th Master ball, please explain.

    7th pokemon hatching from eggs and follow the trainer commands is way more likely of imprinting/ they think your the head pokemon than your theory.

    8th Next big one, IF your theory was right. Why do the Enemy TEAMS NEVER throw pokeballs at your or other pokemon to capture them vs battling?! (sure there was that one stadium game but majority of pokefans dont recognize statium games as cannon) They are criminals/terrorists, they care not for the rules. So, following your theory, why are they not doing it when even a Grunt should figure it out after a day or so?

    9 Why does Pikachu reject the Thunderstone when Ash tried to force him to evolve? At that point in the show. Pikachu should be so trusting of ash and cares for him a lot to not put any resistance to him. But pikachu does not want the stone at all. In your theory he should not be able to do this but pikachu did as well as other instances of disobeying Ash.

    I suggest you research pokemon a bit more.


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