Game Theory: FNAF 6, What was in the BOX? (FNAF 6, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator)

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For two years, one mystery has continued to linger over the FNAF franchise — what was in the box? In FNAF 4, the final image is a locked box with the message “Some things are best left forgotten for now.” But with the series over, now is the time to answer…WHAT WAS IN IT? Well, it’s not all that easy to answer. Because it’s my theory, my FNAF theory, that the contents of the box have changed three times. So what was meant to be in FNAF 4’s box vs what ended up in it when the credits rolled in FNAF 6? I think we’ve already seen the solution!

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  1. But what if the puppet was the original concept of ennard, they scraped the toy animatronics and made the new ones in sister location, the souls transfer to the new suits and who they are putting together is the puppet, who is the only one who seems to know life enough to give it. That's why ennard seemed to be smarter than the others just like the puppet…..the puppet probably manipulated the other souls into creating a new animatronic for the one, who originally gave them life. Its just a theory but, I think there is more to the puppet than it seems. Haha it probably doesn't make sense, but everyone interprets the story differently.

  2. Can I represent the entire fandom here, and give a huge thanks to the theorists? Since the beginning, you've been working of FNAF theories, some better than others. A game thrown at us by the mastermind himself, Scott Cawthon. A game where people drove themselves mad looking for answers. A game in which you, the theorists, have done an exquisite job analyzing and otherwise SOLVING. While we were all waiting for the notification of another theory or focusing on the different colors of purple guy, you were picking apart pixel by pixel of the lore. I can't even begin to describe my gratitude towards you guys (gender neutral) for the effort you put to finally bring this to an end. Quite a satisfying and well deserved end at that. I wish for many more great theories (not just about FNAF) to come! Thank you.

  3. His original ending would’ve been the best, it’s dark yet also intriguing. It makes the most sense as well, his latest ending kinda muddles it. At least to me personally, having all the games be within the head of a child on the edge of death is a way better and interesting story then having it be a metaphorical box as a pizzeria

  4. The Game Theorists
    Will you at some point make a theory talking about the similarities/differences between the books and the games? I find it really interesting to talk about what Scott changed and how the two universes are different, like alternate dimensions. Like how Charlie dies in the games and becomes the Puppet, but is still alive in the books. Or maybe she never existed…? (Is her brother a character in the games, maybe?) And why her dead friend's name is Michael… It doesn't seem to line up with the timeline, but Scott. Doesn't. Do. Coincidences. Plus, Charlie had to kill ol' Willy Afton herself. Why wasn't it Michael and Henry? Henry is dead in the books' timeline, so…..


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