Older Adult Fitness Dancing – Easy Senior Citizens Dance Exercises



(Occasional Man) Seniors often prefer dancing along to a MUSE giving movement suggestions rather than creating spontaneous dance moves on their own. This song is from the low impact exercise DVD Mellow MUVE where you can dance along to playlists for shorter or longer dance exercise workouts. All are low impact cardio exercises and simple dance routines anyone can do.

MUVE Dance-alongs and Dancing Games are easy to do. They help relieve stress, improve physical wellbeing and give people the opportunity to enjoy each other. Kids as well as adults can do the playful dance activities from MUVE no matter their physical shape or age because everyone adjusts their own movements to their own needs.

Find info on the MUVE Method, the comprehensive physical activity programs and curriculum as well as over 180 dance-along videos for seniors, adults and kids on the website

Find more spontaneous dances and simple dance routines at the free online video blog at with over 170 videos you can dance along to for free at your desktop.


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