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Paleo, Atkins, raw, you name it. Every year, a new diet graces the front cover of health magazines, revealing new findings on the human body. While many of these diets are very effective, beginners might find it tough-to-follow.
An easier option, is to review your weekly shopping list. Here is the low-down on what you should buy and what to avoid at the supermarket when trying to lose weight.

Pure protein takes more energy to digest than any other food combined, making it great for weight loss. However, stay away from the overly processed meat products fueled by hormones, or harvested from a tiny cage, which bring more harm than good. Go organic, free-range and lean, and you will see the pounds drop.

The treacherous ‘C’ word – it comes in the form of bread, potato, and vegetables, but it is actually sugar in disguise. Carbs are extremely addictive and also the source of your extra weight. Unfortunately it is in every food group, so it’s impossible to avoid, but some are better than others.
The good carbs: all vegetables are allowed in any quantity.
The bad carbs: most grains, cereal in any form, bread, potatoes and yams.
The others: fruits, legumes, beans, quinoa, amaranth and rice can be enjoyed in small quantities after a workout.

While you’re trying to shed fat, it is still a crucial part of your daily intake. Many nuts and oils are good for your health and can add a tasty kick to your otherwise strict diet.

If you somehow gave into your cravings like a normal human being, don’t panic – you’re allowed to snack on them twice a week, but never in large quantities. So there it is, lesson concluded about what to buy on your next grocery run!
If you need some inspiration on what to cook based on this list, have a look at the 8fit app, which comes with a daily meal plan and workout schedule for those looking to lose weight.

With 8fit meal planner, you have the choice between all the possible diets: standard (low-carb diet), vegetarian diet, vegan diet, pescatarian diet, paleo diet, gluten free diet. You can even custom your diet choosing which ingredients you are allergic to or you don’t like!

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