10 Insane People Who Risked Their Lives For Fun

top 10 of the craziest people risking their lives doing extreme dangerous stunts
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Let’s be honest – Most of us enjoy a rather predictable and tame lifestyle with a limited amount of danger and excitement. For many people, the extent of their excitement is going 20 over the speed limit, finding a sweet deal on shoes online or getting hard-to-find tickets to watch your favorite team play. Don’t feel too bad. While you ponder how unexciting it is to head out to the home hardware store on the weekend after taking the kids to their sports tournament, just remember you’re not alone as most of us live like this. Well, most, but not all. You see, believe it or not, some people need a far bigger thrill than picking out bathroom fixtures to get them through the day.
Thrill seekers are a special breed of people. They are constantly looking for things to do – both legal and illegal – to push the limits and get the adrenaline flowing. From the rollercoaster enthusiast to traveller who loves visiting locations most people are warned to stay clear of, some people love doing things that would make the rest of us more than a little uncomfortable. Then there are the extreme thrill seekers. We might think these people are borderline crazy because every challenge and activity they undertake comes with an extreme element of danger. These following examples show that danger doesn’t dissuade them from coming back, time and time again, to go higher, farther and faster with the next challenge.

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