10 Hottest Superhero Girls From DC Movies

top 10 sexiest women who played in popular DC comic universe movies
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If you look at the kinds of movies that Hollywood has been putting out recently then it’s safe to say we are in the middle of a massive big-screen comic book battle. On the one side of the coin we have the unrelenting assault of Marvel who have been releasing a wave of X-Men, Avengers and individual super hero movies left, right and center. Releasing an average of three films per year it’s hard to see how the opposition, in the form of DC comics, can possibly compete – but they are. With the likes of Batman, Superman, The Justice League and Suicide Squad, DC is not standing still and looks set to be gearing up for a long line of movies in an effort to chip away at Marvel’s dominance.
These new super hero films aren’t just about the guys anymore. Instead, as we covered in our ‘Hottest Girls in Marvel Movies’ video, the women are staking a claim in this territory and DC is no exception. Playing relatively secondary roles in the past, a new age of super hero leading ladies is clearly upon us. Of course, to tackle a female character in any almost any comic book inspired film requires a certain level of sexiness. That’s because comic books are a mostly visual medium where the look of the character is vital. As these following DC actresses prove, there’s more than a bit of that evident here. From love interests to nerdy scientists to leading ladies, these are definitely some of the hottest women of the DC movie universe.

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