Couple survives 7 day water fast and plan to continue! No food or drinks except water for 14 days!



Couple survives 7 day water fast and plan to continue! No food or drinks except water for 14 days!

Farm Girl and Exoman on the 7th day of their water fast discuss their experience so far. No food, no juice, no nothin! They explain that the purpose of the experiment is not weight loss as much as it is healing and detoxing the body. Through research they have come to understand that it is possible to heal many health conditions, diseases and other ailments as well as ridding the body of a buildup of toxins. They have learned that early in the fast, the body will go into ketosis and the burning of glycogen ceases. The body then begins burning fat, toxins and inessential proteins including excess tissue and diseased tissues such as cancers and tumors.

Yes of course there are many naysayers and critics attacking including uneducated and educated medical professionals who say that water or intermittent fasting can have devastating or even deadly consequences. These same people should be more concerned about billions of people around the globe cramming deadly amounts of dangerous foods into their bodies. Farm Girl and Exoman have found no conclusive evidence or studies to show that this kind of fasting is detrimental except for emaciated people or those people with very specific critical health issues. As far as fat loss, the couple expects to see dramatic inch-loss results.

If you are asking, “does water fasting heal disease”, the answer is yes! “Is water fasting safe” yes, for most people. “Is water fasting dangerous?” It can be if done wrong and breaking the fast is the most important part to get right.

Many people say that only dieting and exercise will create weight loss but calorie restriction slows your metabolism whereas water fasting does not slow metabolism to the same extent, because your metabolism switches from burning glycogen stores to burning adipose tissue and unnecessary proteins for fuel. Farm Girl’s calendars and more-

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