WHY I’M BUYING A $300,000 CAR. (This Video Will Change Your Life)

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  1. Paying cash isn't a good choice
    What if when you buy the car and a year or 2 later you wanna change your car game up.
    That's why you should better go with the lease! ?

  2. Whooooa, Yousef.
    Goosebumps. Everywhere. For realzkies.
    Proud of you.
    This definitely needs to be heard by those that won't step past that wall of fear that they will fail. I am one of them for sure. Not scared to admit it. I am most definitely workingbon changing it though. #Progress

    For the luv of anyone who luvs and supports you, plz be so very careful and don't get yourself busted up, mmmmkay?!?
    Much luv, luvly.
    Now go get yourself some sleep. See you in a few hours!

  3. Man you are good person. You don't need to explain yourself. We understand you. I m inspire by you. I love watching your videos from day one.

  4. I wish more success for you and for all the KATS FAMILY SUBSCRIBERS. We're a family and we can do it all together just be patient and we'll get there. Much LOVE

  5. I love this! I quit my job because it wasn't conducive to my happiness and I feel like people think I'm crazy. But I guess I've always known that things will work out and I have never had a fear that I won't get what I want. Your mindset is everything. Most people live with fear that prevents them from doing xyz. It's okay to take calculated risks and believe in yourself. #fousey

  6. I wonder if you look into your comments. Like deep deep. I’ve been watching this guy for pretty long and his ups and downs remind me of myself. I still don’t know how to get out of this depression but watching you makes my day to be honest. You’re in NJ as well as me! It’ll be so nice to ever meet you. To really vent and to talk to you. Pretty proud of u for everything you’ve done. God bless u yousef. You’re a good person

  7. Hi fousey I am a 14 year-old that lives in Ireland . I have been depressed and have a bad case of social anxiety.Can you please make videos like these because they help me. Can I start a YouTube channel being overweight and having social anxiety? Please help

  8. i fking love yusuf you dont understand how much you changed my life bro. you taught me the law of attraction man, and it was the best feeling ever. Once i achieved one of my goals i actually couldn't believe my self it was all thanks to you, all thanks to the daily uploads you did, all thanks to the little talks you did at the end of the video with the little motivations. All thanks to the mentality i have learnt from these videos. without you yusuf, i wouldn't of got the job i wanted because i never knew the law of attraction. YOU TRULY CHANGED MY LIFE MAN I THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH
    i know you probably wont read this, but i just want you to know i have been with you since day one! since middle eastern eps

    btw im loving these raw videos


  9. this video is so motivational and it's my favorite so far.. i think i should watch it many times over again each time i dream about stuff.. thank you bruh ❤


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