Why Horror Is Smarter Than You Think

Is Horror Smarter Than You Think? Subscribe: // CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! From classics to modern slashers, horror films may have you surprised with just how intellectual they are. WatchMojo presents a video essay discussing whether or not horror is smarter than you might realize. We’ll be discussing movies like Alien, Cabin in the Woods, Night of the Living Dead, and more!

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  1. I came here because the title is so stupid I thought I might witness Watch Mojo actually die. I don't know if I did. It veered between really stupid to boring to perplexing. All I have to say about horror is, it's like punk. Sure there are some talented productions, but when you have no talent, that's what you do.

  2. My favorite movie genre. Last year, I bought 4 horror-themed T-shirts: Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, and Night of the Living Dead. I'm hoping to get more come October.

  3. Horror films can be meta too, but yeah generally horror movies are cheap jump scare ridden hotmesses.

  4. While there is nothing like watching a good 'ol slasher film, I like the newer crop of indie horror – ranging from The Witch to The Neon Demon to The Invitation, etc, etc, – which is not entirely reliant on jump scares and other old tropes. Other films you'd recommend that are breaking away from the stereotype?

  5. Horror movies like Rosemary's Baby, The Exorcist and The Omen are the reason why I love genuine horror. Horror is life

  6. I like watching horror movies, i f u watch something that will leave in the end with " That's it? " all sorts of questions pop out then its fucking poorly made and has no plot or not even logical enough how stupid can the movie can get, that's why you'll know you watch a good scare if you realized that you can relate every piece in the movie to real life, the REAL HORRORS of Life itself

  7. The 1st horror movie I ever saw was Amityville horror when I was 6 ( my dad took me to see it at the movie theater ) needless to say my mom was none to happy !

  8. I can't take this seriously, after saying night of the living dead was about the racial tension of its time is inaccurate. Even George Romero said this.

  9. Alien is much deeper than just simple rape metaphors. Its annoying when they try to make this blanket judgment about the movie and then use a writer from one of the shitty newer movies as an example of proof of their statement.

  10. Actually, when I think of good, smart, socially-conscious cinema, Michael Moore is the last thing that comes to mind.  Thanks for starting your video off on an hilariously wrong foot.

  11. I love horror movies, but never get scared. I might jump a
    little when the shark jumps out of the water in Jaws or the
    alien comes down from the ceiling of the ship in the original
    movie Alien, but am pretty much not scared. I have never seen
    a horror movie that gave me nightmares. except when I was
    about 10 years old and saw the movie Ghoulies. now that
    movie gave me a nightmare!! but of course I was only 10
    years old at the time.


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