What NOT To Say To Someone Who’s Depressed.

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  1. so my friend always says my mental healths annoying,I don't even know what to do I lie in bed all day every day I just can't carry on sometimez

  2. This is powerful and so true. A person just can't snap out of depression, it's not that easy. I'm glad you are still here fighting

  3. I never comment on any videos I watch but I had to comment on this one to say Thank You! Thank you for giving people like us a voice and providing a video that we can share to bring awareness to how serious depression and mental illness really is. This video had me in tears because I can totally relate. I get so deep in my depression that all I want to do is lay in my bed and it makes me feel like a terrible mom because I don't want to play with my kids or be bothered. Depression is an evil disease! Again Thank You! Thank you for not being afraid to talk to us and open up to the world about your depression and what it does to a person internally.

  4. I would say I'm there for u if you need me and if u are really low call me and I will run a million miles to be by your side and helping us along the way


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