Vegan egg?

Hello marzipans! Today Felix and I taste the vegan egg. We didn’t know what to expect, so I figured filming this may be interesting. 🙂
— Also, sorry about the quality, we messed the settings up! —-

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  1. 2:42 "I don't even hate it, okay, get over yourself"
    Felix "did you just tell me to get over myself?"
    Marzia "yeah"
    I lost it omg hahahahaha

  2. Literally not even kidding I just got back from the supermarket and I saw this and was so close to buying it and I come home to find this video lol

  3. "Felix get over yourself, now get the camera pause it and record me from another angle" Lol I didn't know Marzia had this side to her. It's kinda scary o.O

  4. you read my mind, was talking about this yesterday thinking about trying it! now I am convinced. I wonder if it works to replace eggs in baked dishes?

  5. Marzia can you link us to the product or give us the info on It? I'm began and would love to try. also, you should do more videos like this. It was good.

  6. 1 Tablespoon = 1/16 of a cup
    So if you have an 1/8 cup measure, you could have just used that instead of eyeballing!

  7. What is the point in making vegan food represent foods they don't eat. I don't get it, name your vegan foods after new things.


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