Top 5 Myths About The Vagina

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CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! Sex Ed class probably didn’t teach you enough about the female anatomy, which has led to a number of odd myths surrounding the vagina. In this episode we’re asking the big questions like: Where is the G-Spot? Is the G-Spot the key to female pleasure? Do heavier set women have wider vaginas? do skinny women have tighter vaginas? Do women that have more sex have wider vaginas? Is looseness a measure of promiscuity? Is squirting female ejaculation? Can all women have vaginal orgasms? And many more!

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  1. this makes me sad becaus it just makes me feel like i lost out on sex when i was younger… now I'm 21 and never had sex, been on a date, or ever ha my first kiss…

  2. Obviously you people have forgotten what the world is like out there and now you further endanger the lives of children by simply posting this shit! You're no better than the perverted filth that walks this earth!

  3. I've been with both fat chicks and skinny/regular size chicks and the fat chicks ALWAYS had loose vaginas and the skinny/regular size chicks were more tight.

  4. Next up…The PENIS!! Then they will move onto the ANUS, then ladies & gents, children of all ages, we'll get into how to intercourse, how to get into the back door maybe learn how to blow onto the balloon to make it pop!!

  5. number one – the clitoris. many believe it to existed it iss actually just a sensation at the upper most part of the vagina. altho men have attempted to prove their findings, Many have yet to show evidence.


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