Top 5 Amazing F-35 Fighter Jet Facts

Top 5 F-35 Fighter Jet Facts

The Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II fighter jet is America’s fifth generation fighting aircraft. The production of it is a few years behind and full of controversy and scandals, but this brand new super jet is definitely the future of stealth aircrafts.

WatchMojo takes a look at the versatility of this ground take-off aircraft, the cost to build it, other expenses, the worldwide reach of the X35 air force project and much more in this aviation focused installment of WatchMojo Facts.

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  1. All of these A-10 fanboys are giving me a headache. The A-10 is getting old and there little to no spare parts left for it. It will have to be replaced.

  2. What did they expect. What other plane is stealth, VTOL, and have good maneuverability and top speed. But yet still small enough to fit on s helicopter pad.

  3. Wow congrats, you have a stealth harrier (two American words for junk) that can't out-maneuver jets from the 1950's, armed with dated missile technology the Chinese and Russians know how to jam and neutralize. Plus, the F-35 absolutely sucks energy and gas when we're heading into a shortage; it relies almost solely on stealth technology that the Chinese and Russians have also beat. Hell, they beat it back in the 1940's.

    This is the worst plane, and the worst program that DoD has ever taken on. It is a scam, it shows the degree of which LM is still lining the pockets of generals. I fear for our pilots safety when this goes into service. And while vertical takeoff is perhaps a gimmick, it is certainly impractical for 2/3 branches. The airframe unfortunately, is used for all three branches, as is the engine, yet about 70% of the aircraft has no commonality between the three making the supposed cost-spreading a total lie.

    It's an expensive piece of junk, while the F-16 and A-10 are the two best aircraft–in their respective roles–in the world. It's troubling that we finally, FINALLY, got it right with the A-10 and F-16 and we're so quick to scrap them instead of upgrading them for the future. And we're scrapping them for a total lemon on top of it. The F/A-18 has its issues, but heck, I would take it way before this plane. I would take the F-14 before this plane. I would take the F-20 before this plane. Sadly, I would take the Su-35 before this plane.

  4. Its a Russian design yak 38/41 its so good the Russians sold the rights to america,,,that's how good it is Russia don't want it. Should have built the supersonic harrier

  5. Lol all these people saying "my taxpayer dollars would rather have an A-10, F-16, Transformer,blah blah". Good thing taxpayers don't get to oversee weapons procurement

  6. if you want a omelet you have to buy eggs sometimes wait for them to be laid …carry the eggs them finally break some eggs ..but it's probably gonna be the best omelet you've ever flown ..or ate

  7. Uh… I hate to say that your "amazing facts" aren't actually true…

    Only one model of F-35 has vertical takeoff capability: the F-35B, the Marine Corps variant.

    The F-35A is the Air Force variant and the base model, and will cost roughly 85 million dollars once full rate production starts.

    The F-35C is the Navy's carrier based fighter and does NOT have a vertical takeoff capability. It does have a larger wing, reinforced landing gear, a tail hook for landing, and slightly more fuel…

    Those are 'kinda important "facts" to get right in a video sharing "amazing facts" about the aircraft.

  8. Let's see what it does in combat before we declare it a turkey. We can always build more F-16, which seems to defy time with various upgrades.

  9. Stormsquad said it the best..there isn't a better plane then the F35 for almost all missions..And don't tell me a pak50 is better cause its more maneuverable..before a dog fight can happen ,the pak50 would have to get past a BVR situation ..And i would guess the F35 would see a pak50 way before a pak50 would see a F35.. the only airplane that I don't think it can really replace is an A10…

  10. When the cost of an F35 is compared to an F 16 or F15 or A110 or Harrier you might just as well compare it to a Sopwith camel. The F 35 Lightning II is such an advancement to 4th Generation fighters that you almost need to say they are 6th generation fighters. Add in the new helmet and you have a fighter jet that the pilot puts on like a flight suit.

  11. The only time the project was over budget was in the development stage and there was an accounting mistake. Sense then 4, 2017 the Lockheed-Marten F 35 Lightning II is under budget and ahead of schedule. I guess there isn't a problem after all.

  12. There is a mistake here I believe. The B variant is the one with STOVL, the one with the vertical lift system, used by the Marine corp. The navy version is the C version with bigger wings and stronger undercarriage for carrier landings.

  13. It is really strange. F-35 (mach 1.6) is slower than Chinese J-15B (mach 2) They both have similar load capacity and a gun. J-15B installed phased Array radar. There is nothing F-35 is better about it. J-16B was made by China in 2009, but F-35 is the latest model? Yes, it has vertical take-off version, but J-18 does vertical take off. There is nothing more advanced than an existing model in China. J-20 is much more advanced, longer-range and faster speed. The rumor said it will mount quantum radar so no stealth can escape from it. We funded $600B to Lockheed Martien for the development of F-35, and we are getting the just older generation of Chinese fighter jet? What is going on? Are we totally wasting our tax money?

  14. comments in a nutshell

    "didn't it lose to [X] in a dogfight"

    short answer:when it was in a work in progress it lost,yes.

  15. Here you go. I foud another adjective, "Amazing" You guys need to stop using many adjectives like "Super," "Ultimate" "most powerful" and "Mos innovative" to F-35. F-35 is a lemon, It has the larger engine and more radars than F-22, but the speed is much less than F-22. Overall performance is the 4th generation, not even 5th generation like Russian in Chinese. It is about J-15B, Chinese older generation jet. F-35 is a lemon. Vertical take-off? J-18 does that.

  16. you got it incorrect, the b variant is the only vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, the a variant is a normal takeoff and landing aircraft and the c variant is for taking off from a carrier, it will work the same way as the hornet with enhanced strength landing gear and bigger wings ( which i believe all 3 variants should have )

  17. this time lockheed made a big mess seriously it is really not a suitable choice for any nato force during exercise f 16 beat 35 in lots of terms and d engine god save d pilot

  18. F22 & F35 is expensive because U.S can make good profit when they
    export and spare part. in fact is cheap for them self, is just like the
    money from your left pocket to your right pocket, and under Trump
    Administration…… all material must made in USA as possible

  19. the f 35 inst a good great fighter jet it has been out matched by the f 16's versatility and monuverability


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