Top 10 Things Battlefront II Needs to Get Right!

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While the first game certainly looked the part, it was still far, far away from perfect. These are the features, gameplay elements and improvements that we need to see in the next Star Wars Battlefront game for it to be considered anywhere near as good as the original SW:BF2. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things Battlefront II Needs to GET RIGHT!

00:46 #10. Scenario Mode
01:30 #9. More Vehicles
02:10 #8. Squads
02:47 #7. Lightsaber Duels
03:35 #6. Better Space Battles
04:16 #5. Multiple Players in Vehicles
05:04 #4. Character Classes
05:46 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. I really want to be hyped but EA has f*cked up so much in the past it has me skeptical. I played Battlefield 1 and it felt like a real soul-less game. I heard Titanfall 2 was good though so maybe EA can actually make a good game this time?

  2. 10: Makes sense
    9: Just don't make vehicles a bloated spectator mode
    8: Voice chat definitely would be a good addition
    7: EA should take a page from For Honor
    6: YES
    5: Definitely would be interesting
    4: Already confirmed
    3: The guy who wrote Spec Ops: The Line is writing it. Definitely a good sign.
    2: Definitely need some balancing
    1: FUCK. YES.

  3. 1. free vehicle movement. dogfights are useless when both players skills are limited to moving on rails.

    2. transports ships. if they are gonna cover all eras then geonosis is a must. along with the 7 man republic LAAT. think about it riding from a republic cruiser spawn riding low to the ground trying to avoid AA gun emplacement making a push toward point bravo. dropping the platoon inside as you provide covering fire against advancing enemy troops


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