Top 10 Shows That Lost Their Mojo

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  1. omg ER should've been on this list, not just an honorable mention! it was a different show from the first few seasons to the last! i honestly think in it's later seasons it was trying to compete with greys anatomy.

  2. This hurts to say this but… Smallville??

    Lost it's Mojo at the end of season 4.. but did kinda pick it back up again towards season 8.

    or is it just me??

  3. I don't completely agree with y'all on once upon a time. I think he first and fifth season are the best so far. I am currently watching season 6 and enjoying it a lot. But everyone has their own opinion. I do agree that at times they focus to much on Disney and not enough on the actual storyline of the show but over all I like it.

  4. I hate mentioning it because I loved these 2 series, but I would say The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family (was funnier when they were all young kids)

  5. Heroes' downfall is all the more painful with the realization it was a result of circumstance, really. They tried something new with the first arc of season 2 which wasn't that greatly received, but still watched. In any normal year, there was a decent likelihood that they could have parlayed what they learned there for the next arcs to come. But the writers strike came, and the first arc of season 2 was the only arc. So well over a year passes until the show returns, and by that time not only has interest waned due to the wait, but the writers panicked and decided the way to get the hype back was to copy from season 1 pretty much verbatim. Viewers weren't impressed with another bomb storyline, and after that it was just cheap gimmick after cheap gimmick until it limped to its cancelation. That it lasted as long as it did on no legs is astounding in of itself.

  6. How in the world did they miss the most notorious show to lose its mojo: Twin Peaks! Started out great but lost its way in the middle of season two. Also, although I am a big fan, many people would argue that Lost should be on this list.

  7. Married with Children is missing. Should be in the Top 3. Seasons 1-6 were partly brilliant, but nothing went as downhill as this show in the later seasons.


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