Top 10 Movie Shootouts

Round up your posse and be sure to pick a side. Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 movie shootouts. Just so you know, a SPOILER ALERT is probably in order, as some of these are the final showdowns of their respective films.

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  1. Didn't even mention the scene in the first terminator when he slaughters the entire police force…smh. The end of Taxi Driver too, so iconic and realistic

  2. This list was bull shit come on now no last man standing, 3000 miles to graceland, The Town, Jone Dilinger, The Way Of The Gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. – Bar scene in Inglorious Basterds
    – Apartment shootout in The Kingdom
    – club shooout Collateral

    and both John Wicks

  4. Robocop, drug factory bust… , Starship Troopers, outpost bug attack & The Terminator, police station massacre

  5. At the beginning of the video they clearly say "no showdowns" and "no western gun fights" yet the gun fight from Django (a fucking western) made number 7 and Scarface's "compound SHOWDOWN" (yes WatchMojo literally call it a showdown) came in at number 3. These idiots can't even follow there own rules. I think I'm finally done with WatchBozo


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