Top 10 Most Memorable Grammy Moments

Top 10 Most Memorable Grammy Moments
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There is rarely a dull moment at the Grammys! Welcome to and today we’ll be taking a look at our picks for the top 10 Grammy Moments. For this list, we’ll be diving into memorable moments from the famed music awards ceremony, including that time Kanye interrupted Beck, the hip hop community boycott of the 1989 Grammys, Jethro Tull beating Metallica, the Milli Vanilli scandal, Michael Jackson winning big, Lady Gaga’s egg arrival and much more. Did your favorite Grammy moment appear on the list? Let us know in the comments below!


#10: The Hip-Hop Community Boycotts
#9: Helen Reddy Thanks A Female God
#8: Lady Gaga Arrives in an Egg
#7: Jethro Tull Beats Metallica
#6: Kanye Interrupts Beck
#5: Michael Jackson Wins Big
#4: Ol’ Dirty Bastard Interrupts Shawn Colvin
#3, #2 & #1: ?

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  1. somebody please help me understand something, Milli vanilli's grammy was revoked because they lip sync is that right or no? if it is right then please explain britney spears to me?

  2. Kanye is like a toxic Fanboy that ruins a good thing.

    I like Beyonce but I really don't care to hear her new music or anything by her since Kanye started acting like she was a literal God and everybody else should just be kissing her ass all the time and giving her every single award in the universe.

    it's not her fault.
    but the impression he gives off makes me not want to be a fan of hers.

    He's the equivalent of that jackass Rick and Morty fan screaming about Szechuan sauce that makes every other Rick and Morty fan hate themselves for being a fan of the same thing this man is a fan of.

  3. For me the most memorable moment was in 1996 when Pearl Jam won best hard rock performance and Eddie Vedder went up and said "I don't think this means anything… thanks I guess." Admittedly it was kind of douchey but I have to agree with him, the Grammy's are a joke, unless you're only into pop.

  4. It's ironic that milli Vanilli gets bashed but in today's standards they would be ok. After all, most main stream artists edit their voices so much to the point that it's basically the computer singing


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