Top 10 Immersive First Person Games

Top 10 Immersive First Person Games
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  1. no metro but 2 deus ex games… sure. i mean metro last light really had me immersed to the point i felt nearly one with artyom during the swamp part all that fucking hell behind me but so damn close to my comrades… wont say more cuz spoilers but i never felt so immersed to any game besides system shock and bioshock

  2. I love the original Thief games, but I have to say that I wasn't crazy about the steam-powered robots in Thief II. I wish they had used them more sparingly and stuck with human enemies for the most part. For one thing, there's no penalty for destroying them and most of the time, you can trick the large ones into getting stuck in a doorway and destroying themselves when they try to shoot with their cannon against the wall. Stealth pretty much goes out the window when dealing with them, which is kind of a shame in a stealth game.

    I've never played System Shock or Deus Ex. I originally had an interest in both, but ironically, the very thing many people love about them is what has kept me from playing; Character customization. I've never been into RPGs or leveling up. If given the choice of what attributes to upgrade I typically pick the wrong ones and end up making the game harder. I really don't want to manage a ton of stats, upgrades, weapon upgrades, weapon loadouts, etc. I mostly just want to get into the action and the more things I have to keep track of and manage, the less appealing the game is to me.

  3. This list could've used an honorable mention segment. Super Hot would've been good on that. I mean, you can play the game in VR, and the game canonically occurs in a VR environment. Double the immersion.

  4. yeah that's my favourite genre of computer games. That's a nice tag, to put them together. It's hard to describe this kind of games. I like to call them spiritual successors to first deus ex from 2000, as this was the first game of this kind I played, and i still search for them. Yeah a little bit more complex level designs and problem solving ways, and much moree imersive expirence. These are two features that describe these games. And great persons behind level (antonov) or soundtrack( brandon ) designs( and perhaps all the key things in these titles, because work, and teamwork of all these great men makes a great game).


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