Top 10 Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Drummers

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  1. Watchmojo fucked up again. Danny Carey from Tool is better than all these guys. Mike Portnot is wayyy better than Dave Lambardo too. Bunch of 4/4 plebs playing double bass pedals at 200bpm. Lmao. Should've got a real drummer to make this list. Hell, even Zach Hill is a much better drummer than all these guys playing math rock. He plays a single pedal at insane speed and lays down the most complex and fast polyrythmic beats. His left and right handwork is unmatched. Not to mention Lars made it. Even the rock list is much better.

  2. "Let's not include Led Zeppelin or Rush cause the fall under classic hard rock". Yet Van Halen and Black Sabbath are on the list……….. WTF!!!!!!

  3. Nicko and Lars are legends but they really aren't good players. they fit their bands but technically there are way better drummers

  4. Putting Lars in front of Nicko is an insult.
    Not mentioning to show Clive Burr while talking about Nicko is a huge … mistake… !!

  5. "You don't even have to be a drummer to appreciate his skills" ( or something like that). Yeah I'm pretty sure that goes without saying with like anything.

  6. You missed the best drummer I've ever seen………….. Shannon Larkin of Godsmack and Ugly Kid Joe. How dare you!!!!!!!


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