Top 10 Funniest Game Show Moments

Top 10 Funniest Game Show Moments
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Aren’t game shows great? For this list, we are looking at the most hilarious moments from game shows! Our list includes, The Fainting Contestant, Pretty Nipples, Snake Charmer, Some Guy in Normandy, Superman & Spider Woman, and more! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Funniest Game Show Moments.

List Entries and Rank:
10. Pretty Nipples “Match Game” (1962)
9. The Fainting Contestant “The Price Is Right” (1972)
8. September “Family Feud” (1976)
7. Snake Charmer “Catchphrase” (19862004, 2013)
6. Superman & Spider Woman “Wheel of Fortune” (1983)
5. Some Guy in Normandy “Jeopardy!” (1984)
4. Orange “Family Feud” (1976)
3, 2, 1: ???

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  1. I don't think I've ever laughed as hard or as long at a game show flub as I did at "September." It just hit a bit too perfectly IMO, and the host seemed to feel the same way. All good choices, though, a rare feat for WatchMojo.

  2. Name an animal whose eggs you'd probably never eat for breakfast Hamster.
    Name something that follows the word pork. L-I-O-N LAWN!!/…upine.
    Something that has to warm up before you use it. How about your wife.
    Name something in your house you would yell at if it stopped working. Probably, spouse.
    What would be the ideal everyday temperature? 98.6
    Tell me a slang term that means wife. Bitch.

  3. September: "She didn't seem to realize her mistake." Oh, yes she did. She took a few seconds before she inhaled, winced, and cringed. Not only that, you completely omitted the host's complete breakdown every time the question was mentioned.

  4. How the hell do you people do your research? Do you just take Google's messed up dates as the absolute truth?
    i.e. Match Game did NOT run continuously from 1962-1999, it's more like 1962-69, 73-82, 90-91, 98-99, 2016-.
    Also, please just let the moments speak for themselves. We don't need narration to explain.
    Finally, my obligatory "where are these" moments:
    WoF – A group of pill pushers
    TPIR – the tube top incident
    Family Fortunes – turkey
    Paul Lynde on "Hollywood Squares" (i.e. "Hey Culligan Man!")

  5. First one, of course she takes it in stride, that was an era when people weren't so fuckin thin-skinned and just looking for an excuse to be offended. Anyone with an ounce of rational thought would have known it was purely an accident.


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