Top 10 EVIL Endings in Video Games!

Top 10 EVIL Endings in Video Games!

Sometimes it’s good to be bad! I mean …good in a bad way, of course… These are the games where you get a special ending if you’re especially evil, or maybe just because you made a few too many wrong decisions throughout the course of your playthrough. Either way, these are the bad endings, the sad endings, the endings where evils triumphs over good! Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Evil Endings in Video Games!

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00:31 #10. Menendez Triumphs
01:19 #9. Great Power, No Responsibility
02:01 #8. The Definition of Insanity
02:52 #7. The Perfect Murder
03:45 #6. Bringing Rapture to the Surface
04:31 #5. Purification
05:22 #4. The Beast
06:10 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. What no Live A Live? If you play as the Knight in the Finale you will get a bad end since you beat the game for being evil. Also Streets of Rage 1 where you one player says yes and the other says no and have the player that says yes kill the player who said no then when asked by the bad guy say no. Also Undertale is shit!!!

  2. Gone Home. You're Sister run away with a mentally unstable lesbian and stole all of your parents saving in the house and you think this is some kind of happy ending. THIS is evil.

  3. Most games just have good or Antihero (pretty much good) endings in my expieriance. Of all the many games I have played from the Last Of Us to Arkham City to Dead Island: Riptide only the Fallout Games have had evil endings (great ones for Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 4). Riptide and Need For Speed: Carbon come close but you still end the games in an Antihero way not evil one.

  4. aww no mention of the disgaea bad endings? Every installment has at least one, usually triggered by you throwing your weight around a bit too much and killing not only your enemies but your friends.

  5. Well I have spiderman Web of shadows game if you choose the good ending you will have your venom suit removed and you will also try to save venom but venom will kill himself because there is someone inside venom and he couldn't control the suit so venom killed himself but if you choose the bad ending even though they use a machine to remove the symbiots from the humans spiderman doesn't want his suit to be removed so he destroyed the machine and instead he killed venom he then controls the city but in the end black widow vulture and the whole shield was against him but he had turned wolverine into a symbiote again and he got drooped from the sky by a box the box opened and the story ended I wonder what happened to entire shield when he attacked but I agree the bad ending is pure evil

  6. I don't think the Lavos ending is actually an evil ending so much as just a bad ending that you get when you lose a key battle.

  7. Surprised the Breath of Fire games were not on the list especially the second game since (SPOILER WARNING) if the Dragon asks you if you want to enter and you say no then you will get a bad ending.

  8. In Godzilla unleashed, you have 4 paths lat lead to 2 possible endings. If you chose the alien faction, the Vortaak invasion is finally successful in wiping away humanity with their war monsters. The ending for mutant faction leads to complete anarchy across the world. If you choose GDF or Defender, you either have good ending in which the mutant rising is quelled and the Vortaak are defeated again, or you can let the power surge crystals corrupt your mind and leave the world in chaos, with your monster being the ultimate life form on the planet.

  9. Tales of Xillia 2.  Kill all your friends and let the universe die just to spend a few more moments with your brother.

  10. I feel that the Undertale genocide route is a satire on completionists and gamers that grind as much experience as possible.

  11. in dishonored, the outsider isn't really malevolent, it's more like he gives power to people he find interesting and see what they will do with it to change the world. if the world go too much downhill, he find someone new who may maintain the balance.


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