Top 10 Everyday Items Banned Around the World

Top 10 Everyday Items Banned Around the World

There are many things that are illegal in other countries that are legal where you live. Common products banned around the world include chewing gum in Singapore, blue jeans in North Korea, baby walkers in Canada and flip-flops in Capri, Italy. There sure are some strange laws around the world, and these banned products prove it. WatchMojo counts down ten everyday items that have been banned in certain countries.

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00:47 #10: Furbies – Banned by: The NSA
01:38 #9: Game Consoles – Banned by: China
02:25 #8: Online Video Games – Banned by: South Korea
03:18 #7: Baby Walkers – Banned by: Canada
03:59 #6: Chewing Gum – Banned by: Singapore
05:04 #5: Flip Flops – Banned by: Capri, Italy
05:49 #4: Blue Jeans – Banned by: North Korea
06:25 #3, #2 & #1 ????

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  1. Who the fuck compiles the information gathered for these videos? In the comments of this video alone, I've seen citizens of just about every one of these nations saying that these items are NOT banned. French people saying that ketchup is NOT banned in France. Canadians saying that baby walkers are not banned in Canada and can be purchased right now at their local Toys R Us. I've seen several comments from US citizens saying they have Kindereggs in their local stores or that foreign relatives visiting the US brought them into the country without any problem at all. Etc, etc, etc, etc….
    This is a common trend in MatchMojo videos, I've noticed. It seems they make videos that are basically complete bullshit – and they know it – yet they upload it anyways. Wtf.
    I really do not understand this channel or all the subscribers it has.

  2. It's sickening to see governments trying to play the 'mommy and daddy' role.
    The only people that know kids best are the parents. Even subpar parenting is
    better than having a government trying to dictate what they think is right for kids.

  3. Lol Kinder eggs are sold everywhere in USA. You find them in Walmart in Target in KMart in Meijer in Gas Stations etc. Can even buy online at Walmart n Target etc

  4. I had a kinder egg and i ben arested and mom,sister, and me so i started to kick the aferser and had to go to jall for a year but it wasint that bad they had good food and i made friend so it wasint that bad so ya

  5. LOL France bans ketchup in schools to preserve their culture, yet I can think of something even more stupid that they're doing that is ruining their culture as we speak and that country won't look anything as we knew it by the time we hit the next century. cough franstain cough. I'm one of those people that hates ketchup, I've hated it since the day I was born and will not eat a burger if it was put on it I won't even eat it if I had it wiped off but I would much rather have ketchup then the other influence in France

  6. As a disabled person who both struggles with door knobs and has a stair lift, I love those laws enacted to help with accessibility! Too bad they aren't the mandate here in the US.


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