Top 10 Cringiest Celebrity Reddit AMAs

Top 10 Cringiest Celebrity Reddit AMAs // Subscribe: // TIMESTAMPS BELOW
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AMA stands for Ask Me Anything, and it’s Reddit’s way of bringing celebrities closer to their fans. But there are examples of celebrity AMAs gone horribly wrong. Whether it’s the Westboro Baptist Church getting pwned by trolls, Morgan Freeman not giving off the Morgan Freeman vibe or Rachel Maddow not really answering any political questions, these were some awkward Reddit Ask Me Anythings. WatchMojo counts down the best of the worst Reddit AMAs.

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00:37 #10: Westboro Baptist Church
01:25 #9: Mike WiLL-Made It
02:08 #8: Morgan Freeman
02:53 #7: Scott Stapp
03:47 #6: Jose Canseco
04:29 #5: Rachel Maddow
05:12 #4: Perez Hilton
05:54 #3, #2 & #1 ???

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  1. There was like 15 entries including the dishonorable mentions, and you actually read off like 4 comments. Sure you scrolled past the pages, but shit I could just actually go to reddit for that.

  2. Watchmojo do you think you could do an updated video on top 10 five finger death punch songs? they have released some deep songs since your video was released. 🙂

  3. 4:13
    Poster: "…I asked you to sign my sword, you replied 'fuck off, nerd…'"
    Commenter: "I wish he'd reply 'fuck off, nerd.'"
    I love the internet so much

  4. You missed the AMA with an ISIS member. The dude did 1 AMA, then got drone striked before he got to answer any questions during the second.

  5. hey could you guys pre record a variation of outros, this ones starting to bug me, and id prefer if who ever covered the episode would be able to get the last word, like if you agree so they see


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