Top 10 Coolest Terminator Facts

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  1. "…for this list, we'll look at the entire Terminator franchise…."
    Eh…thanks, but no thanks.
    The Terminator and Terminator 2, Judgement Day are the only two worthy films of the "franchise".
    Actually, the "series" should have ended with the second film. There was no need to continue
    it because the second film wrapped things up very nicely, while the two
    films complemented each other flawlessly. The very last scene is an elderly Sarah Connor sitting at the park watching her son, John Connor – now a Senator – playing with his daughter. In her own words "WWIII never happened", and Skynet never came to be.
    However, the success of those two films at the box office meant that more (unnecessary,
    depressing…..and those subsequent films are indeed depressing) sequels
    would be dreamed up in order to continue the profiteering no matter what, in true Hollywood fashion.
    Thanks, but no thanks.


  2. Jason Clark got the worst of the John Conor Curse. " Why? " because he played the villain in Terminator Genesis which was actually a John Conor Terminator. Wow if that were me I quit too.

  3. one hole to rip apart terminator plot.
    How does sarah conner know anything about the future in order to teach john how to survive it.
    PLOT HOLE that hasn't been shown, maybe they will explain it because they added in pops.

  4. actors Michael Biehn ,Bill Paxton, Lance Henriksen and Jenette Goldstein who played John Connors Foster mother all played in Aliens

  5. Undoubtedly one of my top ten original films, and film franchises (even parts of Genysis). And the best part? Cameron gets his rights back to the name… so watch out 2018-19, The Terminator will be back!!!

  6. The Terminator's dialogue in T2 turned Arnold from the ruthless heartless killing machine we saw in T1 into the tear-wiping little punk ass bitch that he is in T2. "Why do you cry? I know now why you cry!" [wipes away boy's tear]. HOLY JESUS, what the fuck is that? WHAT IS THAT SENTIMENTAL BULLSHIT? How is a ruthless killing machine cyborg spouting such faggy lines?

  7. where is the metal gear inspired cover by michael biehn? isnt that a cool fact. the movie poster for terminator is the cover for metal gear.

  8. Blackie Lawless, lead singer of heavy metal band WASP, was considered. But the role had originally been written for a man of average stature, who could easily blend in to a crowd. “When he [James Cameron] found out I was 6’4″, I couldn’t. I regret not being able to do that,” Lawless said in an AOL chat years later.

  9. Here's one MoJo! Arnold was offered the role of Kyle Reese, after her read the script he came back to James a told him he wanted to be the Terminator instead!

  10. Ill be back cofliction for me they said he had trouble with saying ill that would mean ill would be subbed not come why not I will be back or i will return

  11. #3 should probably be removed. I mean the Christian Bale thing was blown out of proportion. And I think his career is doing just fine…

  12. I like the entire movie series. But. But! And then again BUT! With the way technology is going these days and all these autonomous killing machines that the military (All branches.) has, it scares the Hades out of me as well! If man does not watch what he is doing, we are in for a Terminator type setup that is FAR TOO REAL!

  13. That bit about Christian Bale still floors me. So he yelled at a co-worker BFD! He didnt yell any slurs or become violent. Chris Brown beat the hell out of Rhianna and is still selling records SMH.


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