Top 10 Controversial Video Game Trailers

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They wanted a reaction but…not THIS reaction. These are the trailers & commercials for video games that people lost their collective poop over, either because they were sexist, racist, stupid, didn’t deliver what the viewers wanted or were just plain tone deaf. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Controversial Video Game Trailers.

00:59 #10. There’s a Soldier in All of Us
01:42 #9. “Metroid Prime Federation Force” Reveal Trailer
02:30 #8. “DmC Devil May Cry” Reveal Trailer
03:15 #7. “The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time” TV commercial
04:05 #6. Crossroads Debut Gameplay Trailer
04:45 #5. Your Mom Hates This
05:27 #4. “Call of Duty Infinite Warfare” Reveal
08:45 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. there is nothing wrong with federation force, it is still a good game. would be nice to get a galactic federation game in more traditional metroid prime fashion.

  2. Whoever that wrote the script for Mighty No.9's trailer is probably a lonely dude who doesn't get a date for prom night.

  3. I really liked the saints trailer for hitman absolution… and ironically I love the mission it was based on too. while not my favorite hitman game, that honor goes to hitman (2016), it still had some great moments in my opinion.

  4. What happened to the other mojo dude voice, this guy sounds a bit like a satire of sonic the hedgehog…not offense…

  5. The funny thing is DmC: Devil may Cry may have been a shit game in terms of story, but the game mechanics, graphics and combat system were actually pretty good.

  6. People still complain about federation force but nintendo said themselves they are working on metroid main series games and to tide them over, they made federation force. People just lose patients over the silliest things.

  7. Hatred's trailer was part of why I wanted it. We haven't had a good murder-simulator in forever. The problem was the game was unplayable, uninspired trash, and not even good enough to have an "indie" excuse. At least Postal Redux came out somewhere around that time.

  8. Ocarina of Time, y'all some savages…even 20 years ago…. from "Willst thou get the girl or willst thou play like one?" to "Willst thou soar or willst thou suck?" Gonna need a senzu for that one

  9. Getting so fed up of something being called sexist or misogynistic for depicting women the way they depict men. Watch mojo is going way too buzzfeed with the social justice bs.

  10. The human race is becoming more pansified with each passing day…………….people get offended by the most moronic things anymore.


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