Top 10 Awesome Facts About Alien Covenant

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CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF WATCHMOJO WITH OUR SPECIAL EDITION MAGAZINE, LINKS BELOW! Ridley Scott returns to the directors chair for this upcoming instalment in the Alien Franchise, so here are some details that you might be interested to know before taking on Xenomorphs. WatchMojo presents the 10 most interseting things about Alien: Covenant. What’s going on with the Engineers from Prometheus, how does it relate to the other Alien films, and besides the Xenomorphs, what new Alien species do we have to watch out for? Watch to find out!

#10. Three “Prometheus” Actors Are Returning
#9. The Film Originally Had a Different Title
#8. James Franco Plays the Captain
#7. WeylandYutani Funds the Covenant
#6. Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien” Movie Was Put on Hold
#5. It’ll Have Performers in Alien Suits
#4. Damon Lindelof Didn’t Write the Screenplay
#3, #2, #1 ?

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  1. David is the midichlorians of the Alien franchise. The answer to a question nobody was asking about the origins of an otherwise mysterious entity.

  2. But James Franco didn't appear in the film, he died at the beginning and we only see him when his wife is seeing some photos and videos about Franco's character. I am sure because I saw Alien Covenant here in Mexico, but I don't know if the movie is already in USA, if not, sorry for the spoilers

  3. This is not a spoiler:

    The scene where the xenmoprh bursts through Oram’s chest was the best for me! This was absolutely the best scene in the movie and the entire series well for me. And it took almost 40 years for it to happen. Because for almost 40 years we looked at the xenomorphs as these feral creatures that only know destruction and just want to kill. They’re brutal creatures that cannot be calm or negotiated with, they are wild and will kill anything in their path. Then all of a sudden we see David teach the xenomorph like it’s a baby and he’s its mother.

    I mean seriously, it was so poetic seeing the xenomorph as we know to be scary and crazy, for a few moments to be gentle and kind as it is getting taught. It made me kind of think of it as a bay something that never was shown in all the movies. It gave us a perspective of the xenomorph that no one would expect watching the other movies.

    And the music made it so much better. I loved that music, not only that by the dialogue, and the story behind the scene as it all led up to that moment where you knew what was going to happen. They did a good job making the first time a xenemorph pops out a person’s chest as a very memorable moment, making it iconic as if it was the 1st time ever in the alien franchise like the actual first time it happened in the alien movie. . And although I knew what was going to happen t the guy just because where he was at, I never had expected the scene to show the alien coming out of his chest like that.

    They put so much emphasis on it, like bringing out the meaning especially when the guy said what do you believe in, and David said creation. It showed us more to David and the whole scene. Usually when the alien comes out of a person’s chest it is a horror scene with no much thought. The whole point of the scene is to make you scared and freaked out, especially like the very first scene of it in the first alien movie. I was expecting to be freaked out, scared, and feel sick to my stomach when I knew the alien was going to come out of his chest because that’s how I felt the other times I saw it, but not this time.

    This scene made it much more thoughtful and emotional to it all where I didn’t know exactly how I felt, all I knew was that I kind of felt sad, but also at the same time as if I had a great experience, the entire feeling I had when the music played, the alien came out of his chest, and David thought it, that feeling was surreal, everything was. I thought to myself this is sick. And I didn’t just mean as in disgusting but sick as in everything, like words couldn’t explain, especially how David smiled at the entire scene.

    I’m telling you, the music, the dialogue, David teaching the alien, and the actor’s acting, all made this scene so powerful that I couldn’t describe how I felt, only that it was so emotional, powerful, moving, and one of the best. I wanted to cry seeing this scene, I don’t know why if it was because of sadness, but this scene was everything. Making the film that was already good that much better.

    Which makes me beg the question can you all imagine if the entire scene happened but instead it was Shaw? Like maybe instead of covenant, we had got a movie that took place from the ending of Prometheus, so we see David and Shaw’s journey to the engineers’ home world where she wants questions but he wants to experiment. So the movie retains it’s more philosophical theme from Prometheus with a little bit horror.

    And then in the end, it goes down the same exact way. Same music, dialogue, acting, David teaching the xenomorph, but only that it is a main character Shaw who we would have grown with for 2 movies, and then finally see her fate. It would have added so much, the movie would’ve disregard Shaw as soon as she died but putting so much focus on David teaching the xenomorph even if we still wouldn’t get over her death.

    Or at least just put that in a flashback for us to see in Alien Covenant. I think if they would have done it either way especially with making it its own movie, I would have cried, because seeing this scene I wanted to cry for reasons unknown, and if it would have been with Shaw tears would have come from my face still not knowing why.

    Nevertheless, the movie was still great, and I came into it wanting the horror action that we saw in aliens and many know, I wasn’t really looking for a philosophical theme from Prometheus, just couldn’t wait for the alien to come out and kill. But when I saw this scene it made me love the philosophical aspect with the xenomorph, and for that this movie and the scene all together was great!

  4. Jacob is not in the movie just the last supper witch is not in the movie. 3 cast from the Prometheus with miner rolls you mean 2 arnt in the movie and David is the movie. I went with my weyland yutani t shirt keep building better worlds. And no guy in a suit it was all CG and if it was practical maybe the alien hand or tail but not likely. Engineering home world yes but don't mean anything to the story. In short most of mojos list doesn't mean shit

  5. James Franco is only seen through a hyper sleep pod thing and on a video screen and then nothing else throughout the film lol

  6. When they saw that prometheus was a disgusting movie, they made this brilliant plan to buy the media for the next prometheus movie so it doesn't get too much hate like the first one, and it turns out it worked… imdb, watchmojo and even football players (seriously??) are making advertising of this movie, it was just as bad as prometheus and the media is like ''hey guys, remember prometheus? Lets forget about it, check this other prometheus with xenomorphs instead of boring engineers!"
    like seriously, it is probably the worst alien movie made so far.

  7. SPOILER: they should have shown more about the engineer 35 sec is not engough, and about the queen ?? where is the queen ? because he brought only two eggs and we know that eggs give only xenomorph Alien, it's a good movie but it could have been better , hope my question will be answer in the next movie.

  8. James Franco plays the captain…
    If you haven't seen the movie then you wouldn't understand

  9. Danny Mcbride's acting was on point in this film which was a pleasant surprise as I and most other people are use to him playing the loose canon comic relief. He was actually my favorite part of the movie.

  10. Thank god they got rid of that Lost writer before he took everyone to deserted island,
    with no script story, but xenomorphs sporadically appearing and then disappearing during this and 10 next movies in the row.


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