this whole damn video is out of focus but it’s way too long to re record. man. i love cereal though.

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  1. Yousef I've never seen someone so inspirational and amazing as you ❤️ keep smiling, keep grinding, keep working hard, the Bruh bruhs and the kats love you dearly

  2. I love these early videos, bc i bartend and get out of work late or sometimes just cant sleep, and its so awesome having new content/videos this early in the morning. Ahhh Yousef, you have noooo idea the shit uve helped me thru, definitely nothing i would post publicly for others to read. But one day i hope i can help someone/others the way uve helped me

  3. i know that i'm up this late & im living in north carolina ! but really yousef your amazing man ! ur amazing i can't stop saying it but you are

  4. Don't worry about the video quality. All we care about is the message and the good thing is that we can hear what your trynna get to us. Keep grinding Yousey!


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