The Weirdest Flavors Of The Most Popular Snacks

Top 10 unusual snacks from other countries !
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Countries from all over the world are uniquely different with their own tastes and preferences. Part of experiencing another country’s culture is to explore the foods they eat and the tastes that make them popular. Sometimes, we don’t understand why another culture enjoys certain foods over another, or why they mix certain things together. For example, some cultures aren’t afraid of adding bugs to their list of fine delicacies where in other countries, people gag at the very thought of eating a worm, a snail, or a fly. Or, some countries might wince at the very thought of drinking tea without milk.
As we were growing up, our parents beckoned us to try our vegetables once or twice each meal to see if we liked it. Or, what they were actually doing was priming our tongue to get used to the flavor. But when one is met with a bizarre food flavor, the best thing to do either politely decline the food, or be adventurous and give it a try. Japan is one of the more innovative countries to experiment with different flavors, and this has resulted in some of the most unique foods that the world has ever seen. Because of these experimentations with bizarre flavors, we are one step closer to discovering a new kind of food combination and flavor. Lays Potato Chips started giving power to their consumers a few years ago by having their customers submit their own flavor ideas and then people vote on the best flavor that will be added to the extensive line of potato chip flavors. Imagine biting into a chip and tasting chicken and waffles, or buffalo hot sauce, or bacon. It sounds like something from Alice in Wonderland, but bizarre is starting to become quite a tasty menu item.
There are general unspoken rules about food. Like you don’t combine sweet and salty. And you don’t flavor a dessert with a savory twist, such as cookies. And you don’t turn a savory item into a sweet treat, like cinnamon sugar flavored potato chips. The reason these ideas aren’t the greatest of ideas is because they mess with our perceptions of what food is supposed to taste like and causes our brains to dislike something before we even had a chance to try it.
Whether the rest of the world agrees or not, there will always be flavors that are bizarre to us, but normal to that particular culture. Not every place can be as standard or commercialized as the Western world. But the beauty of these weird and bizarre flavors is that they’re all part of the big color palette that makes the world a colorful and interesting place. As you watch this video, you’ll be introduced to some pretty crazy flavor ideas and wonder why they are so successful on the market. From fish flavors to odd vegetable flavored desserts, your eyes will be opened and your tongue might even gag. But, you never know what may happen if you give the flavor a try, you might even like it!
As the most famous chefs in France will say, “Bon Appetit!”

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